House of Vans London Presents its New Exhibition, Thrasher: A Retrospective

Thrasher Magazine presents exclusive insights into the world of skateboarding and photographers who shaped the culture of skateboarding with full-size prints.

Trasher Vacation House Of Vans Flyer


Trasher Vacation House Of Vans Flyer

House of Vans London opened its doors to the public less than two weeks ago, but has already prepared its first exhibition in the space, Thrasher: A Retrospective. Throughout its lifetime, Thrasher magazine has documented the moments and the icons that became pioneers of the sport, and showcased the photographers who rose to the forefront of the genre.

The show will present a rare insight into the world of the skaters and photographers who shaped the culture of skateboarding, with full size prints that originally appeared in the pages of Thrasher taking up temporary residence in the House of Vans gallery space.

The show will run until August 28. Check out some of the images from the exhibition below.


Thrasher Vacation Sign


Trashe Vacation Exhibition Hallway


Easy-E Back In 1988


Salmon Agah Ollies Off A Staircase Image


Jamie Thomas Grinds The Handrail


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