Sri's Vintage Japanese Textiles at Hickoree's Floor Two Will Elevate Your Next Design a Few Notches

Budding creators, pay attention.

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Last May, Hickoree's Emil Corsillo and Mitch Frankspent hours combing through piles of vintage fabric at Sri's textile warehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The by-appointment-only showroom offers hundreds of vintage Japanese fabrics and folk textiles from India dating back to the 1600s. You might refer to their goods as "rare" and not be employing that phrase with the far-reaching connotations it now holds.

But Hickoree's Floor Two is helping ease up on the elusiveness of the company, as the Williamsburg shop announced on Sunday that its stock of Sri's textiles are now available for sale.

Pick up yards of mid-century Sakiori cotton and silk blends with Meoto Iwa prints, or Ikat woven materials made by the Kasuri process, which calls for yarn to be tied before it's dyed. Thatched "boro" - Japanese for "ragged" - indigo pieces won't be found elsewhere. 

These rarities of the utmost level, of course, come with a price - materials range from $30 to $1,000, depending upon size and age. 

Peep more at Hickoree's, then head over to Sri for their story.

[via Hickoree's Floor Two]

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