Still Good Finds Inspiration in the Louvre for a Dope Menswear Collection

The brand drops its latest lookbook.

Photography by Ryan Kibler.

Any great artist looks to gain inspiration from outside of their realm of work. OK, Ralph Waldo Emerson, we can't all grasp our ideas from "within," but we're glad that menswear brands like Still Good are researching movements within the art and architecture worlds and applying their findings to their upcoming collections.

The brand's designer, Clement Taverniti, isn't afraid to make commentary work on his surroundings, and his collection for Fall/Winter 2013 goes back to the baroque movement in French architecture and even touches on of the country's most known structures, the Louvre. Shot by Ryan Kibler, the colorful, blocked collection stands well in contrast to the simple backgrounds. Still Good utilizes Japanese and Italian fabrics to formulate a collection that blurs the line between streetwear, menswear, and next-level shit.

There are camo-print wool button-up shirts, striped shirts, tons of paisley prints, and the favorite pant of everyone currently, the "jogging trouser." If you're looking to take a style risk this fall, but are afraid to go outside of things you're familiar with, then Still Good's collection is a perfect jumping off point. You'll surely stand out amongst your peers, but not in the that puts you on any fail list. And that, our friend, is a win-win proposition.

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