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Even with wavering controversies, Supreme is still atop the streetwear world. The New York-based streetwear brand has to look no further than its peers to find a verified opinion. Still Good has released a "Still Supreme" T-shirt, championing the brand's relevance in today's climate. The tee features a script placed upon a bed of flowers—similar to Supreme's "Power, Corruption, Lies" collection from spring/summer 2013.

To get a better understanding of this shirt, we reached out to Still Good designer Clement Taverniti.  "I wanted to create an iconic tee, fun but aesthetic at same time, a bit ironic, playing with still good expression and the Supreme brand name," Taverniti told us, "the idea came when i read all these articles around is Supreme still Supreme?"

If you're interested in making a purchase, head to Still Good's e-commerce shop.