Kendrick Lamar Wears Supreme, Hood By Air, and More in New Editorial

The rapper steps up his style.

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For his day-one fans, Kendrick Lamar is anything except an overnight success. The same for his style, but the L.A. rapper been putting in work to perfect his steez, and has ended up as the not only the most talented, but as the best-dressed rapper in his city, too.

For his latest magazine appearance, K-Dot culminated his fashion learnings in some successful photo shoot for BULLETT where he's seen in gear from Supreme, Hood By Air,Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott for adidas Originals, and more.

There's even a photo of the young rapper with a gold Versace belt around his waist while he's ready to shoot the ones in a pair of black Alexander Wang boxing gloves—to either retain his crown atop the rap or style world, or both.

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[via Bullett]


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