Drake Wore a T-Shirt With Jaden Smith's Priceless Expression on It

He did so with a throwback to the VMAs.

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Jaden Smith has been in and out of the news with his daredevil approach to personal style. We mean, not too many people have enough fortitude to face the public in an Iron Man outfit to eat sushi with their girlfriend. He's also one of the most stylish celebrities under 25. So much so, that Jaden is making style news even when he's not directly involved. Take last night for example: Drake wore a "Nothing Was the Same" T-shirt with the young star's facial reaction to his MTV VMAs performance printed across it.

And while Drake's album has even inspired menswear bloggers to remix its heartfelt lyrics, everyone is talking about the longsleeve tee that the rapper wore during his performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this tee wasn't given away at the rapper's pop-up shop this past week. Either way, this confirms Jaden's status as one of the movers of youth style, and will only give him more credibility amongst his well-dressed seniors, even if has nothing to do with the clothes he wears.

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