His wardrobe choices might not be as front-and-center as A$AP Rocky or Kanye West, but Drizzy takes his style pretty seriously. So much so that we imagine, if given the opportunity, he would enlist the help of a few menswear bloggers who are as dedicated to the sartorial game as he is to remix a few tracks on his third studio album Nothing Was the Same. The remixed album might only make it to the cutting room floor, but we got our hands on a few sample tracks that feature today's most widely-read bloggers.

While Drake is serenading lost lovers and the tribulations of fame and fortune, he let the bloggers gush forth about their passion for loopwheel crewnecks and that elusive, perfect cuff. Between blog posts and flexing their #influence, these dudes were able to produce 10 Drake "Nothing Was the Same" Song Remixed By Menswear Bloggers. Make sure to listen to the original tracks while peeping the remixed lyrics.

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