Greg Lamarche Creates a Colorful, Typographic Mural in Harlem for the #DontStealPossible Campaign

Here's the latest mural in the 5 Borough, 5 Mural initiative across New York.

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New York street artist Greg Lamarche's murals are often covered in letters and abstract shapes. He pulls inspiration from a vast collection of vintage printed paper to experiment with different fonts, covering his city in bold and colorful letters. Lamarche also has roots in graphic design and fine art, creating dynamic collages that incorporate typography. For his newest project, a mural in Harlem, Lamarche's affinity for letters takes center stage.

As part of the #DontStealPossible campaign, a movement led by parents who are working to raise awareness about the 143,000 students who are stuck in failing schools, Lamarche painted a colorful mural with the campaign's slogan in Harlem. Last month, Questlove joined a rally for #DontStealPossible, where Lamarche created a mural in collaboration with the parents and children who attended. His newest piece is also part of the 5 Borough, 5 Mural initiative that brings street art across New York. Previously, Steve ESPO Powers created a mural for this initiative in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. 

We visited Harlem to check out Lamarche's new mural, which he painted in below-freezing temperatures yesterday morning.


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