North West Does Kanye West 'Costumes' Better Than Anyone Else

From Kanye West's Polo era to Pastelle varsity jackets, North West consistently channels her father's iconic style. Here are the best outfits inspired by it.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Admit it, you’ve definitely thought of dressing like Kanye West or another famous celeb for Halloween. And nostalgia-inspired Halloween costumes are powerful. Especially when it comes down to reminiscing about Kanye West’s oldest outfits.


It doesn’t have to be said that we all miss the old Kanye. And clearly, Kim Kardashian is also someone who enjoys reveling in her ex-husband’s past looks. Earlier this year, Kim revealed on an episode of The Kardashians that she has kept every single Yeezy design Ye made while they were married for seven years. 

“I’ve kept every single Yeezy,” Kim shared on the show. “For me, this is holding on to the Kanye that I know.” 

So it comes as no surprise that North West has recently been spotted wearing another iconic outfit inspired by the old Kanye aptly timed to Halloween. She truly gives other celeb Halloween outfits a run for their money. Of course, Kim had this Graduation bear costume lying around. On that same episode of The Kardashians, Kim said she see’s Kanye’s clothing archive as a way to give her kids the best memories about their father. So it makes sense why we’ve continuously seen new outfits on North inspired by her father’s older looks. 

Here are all the times North nailed the style of Kanye West in case you’re still trying to figure out how to land a perfect Ye costume for Halloween. 

Pastelle Varsity Jackets

Shearling Leather Coats

Leather Suits

Polo Shirts

Pearls and Jeans at the Met Gala

A ‘Graduation Bear’ Mascot Outfit

When: 2023
Reference Year: 2007

One of the best Kanye West-inspired outfits North West has donned wasn’t even worn by Ye himself. For Halloween 2023, North West shared TikTok videos of herself dressed up as the bear mascot featured on the cover of Ye’s 2007 album Graduation. She aptly soundtracked her videos with Graduation-era classics such as “I Wonder” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” The famous Graduation bear was originally conceived by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. "The cover is based on Kanye's theme of student life. School. It's a place of dreams, of righteousness, a place to have fun. It's also occasionally a place where you experience the rigid dogma of the human race,” Murakami explained to Entertainment Weekly. Nearly 20 years later, Murakami’s Graduation bear remains to be one Ye's most iconic symbols.

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