From Jesus Shoes to Big Yellow Crocs, a Timeline of MSCHF’s Most Viral Releases

Ahead of the Big Yellow Boot release with Crocs, we take a look back at MSCHF's most viral products thus far.


MSCHF is a name that everyone has likely become familiar with by now. The Big Red Boots took over our timeline earlier this year and are one of the most hyped items of 2023. But even though MSCHF has gotten a lot of eyes for its Astro Boy-esque boots, the Brooklyn-based art collective has been breaking the internet for a hot minute. 

Originally founded in 2016 by Gabriel Whaley, a former BuzzFeed employee, MSCHF has always been known for its sense of humor and ability to create viral moments out of thin air. The company’s earliest drops included selling a computer loaded with six pieces of malware that have created a total of $95 billion in financial damages worldwide and “Puff the Squeaky Chicken,” which was a rubber chicken that doubled as a bong. Since then, MSCHF has been well-known for releasing a wide range of cheeky commercial products. Some include parodies of popular sneakers like Nike Air Max 97s, which have gotten the Brooklyn-based creative studio sued. Other projects, like “Medical Bill Art,” have led MSCHF to create satirical art that doubles as social commentary. 

Since MSCHF and Crocs are set to release a Big Yellow Boots collaboration on Aug. 9, we decided to look back at some of the brand’s most viral creations.

MSCHF Goes Viral With Unofficial Air Max 97 “Jesus Shoes”

MSCHF Sells the Spots From a Damien Hirst Spot Painting

MSCHF Releases “Birkinstock” Sandals

MSCHF Sued by Nike for Releasing “Satan Shoes” Modeled by Lil Nas X

MSCHF Releases The Weeknd’s “Out of Time” Single on a Vinyl Saw Blade

MSCHF Releases "The Ultimate Participation Trophy" With Tiffany & Co.

Vans Sues MSCHF for Its Wavy Baby Sneakers

MSCHF Drops Super Normal 2 Sneakers

MSCHF Sells “Eat The Rich” Popsicles

MSCHF Unveils Its Gobstomper Sneaker With Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show'

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When: July 28, 2022 

A month after MSCHF released its first Super Normal sneakers, it introduced another new shoe design dubbed as the “Gobstomper.” Inspired by Willy Wonka’s Gobstoppers, the classic color-changing hard candy, MSCHF’s Gobstompers were a skate shoe that would reveal four other layers of color after some wear and tear. MSCHF originally released the shoes as a collaboration with Jimmy Fallon, who unveiled the shoes on a live episode of The Tonight Show. “Look, if I’m going to make a shoe, it’s got to be different; it’s got to change the game,” Fallon said, before unboxing the shoes on television. While these shoes certainly didn’t do anything like that, MSCHF has continued to produce new colorways of Gobstompers. So one can only assume there’s some sort of audience for it.

AC1 Cast Sneaker

MSCHF Builds an ATM That Shows and Ranks the Cash Balance of Art Basel Attendees

MSCHF Drops The Big Red Boots

MSCHF Releases BWD Sneakers

MSCHF Releases “Big Yellow Boots” Collaboration With Crocs

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