The 15 Best School Supplies for Hypebeasts

Now that school is back in session, here are the best school supplies from Undercover, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, Bathing Ape, Noah, Maison Margiela, and more.

A Cold Wall Ruler Undercover Copy Mug Noah Pencils
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A Cold Wall Ruler Undercover Copy Mug Noah Pencils

At last, it’s 6 o’clock in the morning and your phone alarm is blaring at you to wake up and prepare yourself for another compelling day inside an educational institution that either the government, or society, has mandated that you go to. Yes sir, it’s back to school season. Although you may never make it to class on time, you will always have time to flex on all your classmates. 

But we've got to see the bigger picture here. Nowadays, anyone can buy a hyped pair of sneakers on StockX or pick up some fire pieces off Grailed. Today, it’s getting harder for youth everywhere to walk into their classes with a wavy fit that’s hella different. Sure, you didn’t take the L on the Supreme drop last week and picked up some fresh Yeezy Boosts. But so did 15 other kids that walked by you in the hallway. How can you switch it up on them? 

The answer is simple. You need hitting school supplies. We rounded up some of the best rulers, writing utensils, notebooks, and other back to school necessities to make you the drippiest scholar known to man. Check out the list below that includes everything from Off-White pencil cases to Bathing Ape water bottles. 

Louis Vuitton Clémence Notebook Rainbow

Louis Vuitton Notebook Fall Winter 2019

Price: $265
Where To Buy It: Louis Vuitton

Pablo Picasso supposedly owned a Moleskine notebook. But let’s be real, an all black notebook held together by a single rubber band is a broke boi flex. If only Pablo had this monogrammed Louis Vuitton one inspired by Virgil Abloh’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection. 

Undercover 'Rebel Bear' Demita Wallmug

Undercover Coffee Cup

Price: £20.00 ($24)
Where To Buy It: Dover Street Market London

With this coffee mug, you could sit inside your college lecture hall and educate all your classmates about your growing interest in archival Japanese fashion and Junya Takashi while flexing a big U logo crewneck and other Mad Store items you picked up a week before school started at DSMNY.  

Bathing Ape Nalgene

Bape Nalgene Water Bottle

Price: $59
Where To Buy It: A Bathing Ape

A water bottle is a school essential that speaks a lot about a person’s character. If you hate the ocean and your children’s future, you will continuously buy and toss disposable plastic water bottles instead of simply purchasing a reusable one. Thankfully, there are many options to choose from. Clout chasers usually go for the Hydroflask or S’well while normal folks go for a humble Nalgene or Klean Kanteen. 

Here we have the best of both worlds. A regular plastic Nalgene Bottle stamped with Bathing Ape logos. All that this bottle is missing is that a Supreme box logo sticker. Won’t your classmates be so envious. 

Maison Margiela Notebook

Maison Margiela Notebook

Price: $111
Where To Buy It:

Composition notebooks are easy to lose and can easily be mixed up with others. This is why you should spend $110 more than usual on this this 30-page, all white, Maison Margiela notebook

Cartier “R De” Pen 

Cartier Pen

Price: $960 
Where To Buy It: Cartier

We already know what you’re thinking. “Why TF would I spend a rack on a pen?” Well, it’s a more sound investment for the first day of college than spending $60 on a fake weed pen cartridge that was cut down with lemon Fabuloso. Please buy the right pen for school. 

Only NY Lodge Bic Click Pen

Only NY Pens

Price: $3
Where To Buy It: Only NY

On the other hand, here’s a retro, and reasonably priced, click pen from Only NY that will not put you into crippling debt with Sallie Mae or give you popcorn lung. 

A Cold Wall* Triangle Ruler

A Triangle Ruler From A Cold Wall

Price: £19.00 ($23)
Where To Buy It:

The perfect flex to pull out during finals, even if you might struggle to read what you’re actually measuring with the black spray paint.

Tiffany & Co. Paper Clip Bookmark

Tiffany Paper Clip Bookmark

Price: $165
Where To Buy It: Tiffany & Co.

As described by Tiffany & Co., “an oversized paper clip is reimagined as a whimsical bookmark.” In a world where $120 Off-White binder clips exist, this really isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. Remember that people won’t think you’re stupid for spending money on this. They’ll think you’re “whimsical.” 

Mono Plastic Eraser 

Mono Plastic Erasers

Price: $4 
Where To Buy It: Blick

We have to throw in something that is actually useful for school. American erasers are an abomination. It’s baffling that from elementary school to college, students continue to erase their mistakes with blocks of pink rubberized stone. These Japanese erasers are the greatest item you can buy off this list. You will never make smudges or burn holes into a Scantron sheet again. 

Brain Dead x AIAIAI Headphones

Brain Dead AIAIAI Headphones

Price: $162 
Where To Buy It: Slam Jam

Buy these AIAIAI headphones from Brain Dead so you don’t look like another clone with AirPods. 

Off-White Pouch 

Off-White Leather Pouch

Price: $345
Where To Buy It:SSense

“CLOUT” PENCIL CASE c/o Virgil Abloh.

Krink NYC Drop Forged Scissors

Silver Scissors from Krink New York

Price: $25
Where To Buy It: Krink

A silver pair of drop forged weed scissors from the New York City graffiti company, Krink. 

Noah Two-Tone Pencils

Noah Pencils

Price: $2
Where To Buy It:Noah NYC

This is the cheapest item available from Noah. I wonder if we’ll ever get a blog post from Brendan explaining why it costs $2.

Number (N)ine Wireless Charger 

Number Nine Wireless Phone Charger

Price: $80 
Where To Buy It:(N)umber Nine

As what I think Playboi Carti once said: “(N)umber Nine charger, keep it tucked. (N)umber Nine jeans, yuh.” 

Awake NY Logo Lanyard

Awake NY Lanyard

Price: $14 
Where To Buy It:Awake NY

It’s unanimous that anyone who wears a lanyard to hold their dorm keys and ID card looks absolutely ridiculous on any college campus. But if you really can’t trust yourself to hold two tiny items that perfectly fit inside your pockets; at least do it with style with this Awake NY lanyard. 

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