Could Pharrell's Blue Boots Be the Next BBC Bee Line x Timberland Collaboration?

Pharrell has been seen rocking prototypes of another possible Bee Line x Timberland boot design.

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Pharrell has been seen rocking a pair of blue six-inch Timberland boots during televised events for The Voice as well as rehearsals for the 2014 A Very Grammy Christmas special.

Though presented in a darker colorway, the boots are pretty similar to the limited-edition red boots he released earlier this year. There isn't much information right now, but assuming these are samples, they probably won’t be released until next year.

Still, judging by the success of the initial red boot collaboration as well as the recently released wingtip boot iteration, it’s safe to say these blue joints would be just as popular. 

For now, pray that Pharrell and Timberland put these into production real soon. 




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