You Can Now Stream the Hip-Hop Style Documentary "Fresh Dressed" Online

"Fresh Dressed," the hip-hop style documentary, is now available online.

The day has come. Fresh Dressed, the hip-hop style documentary by Mass Appeal editorial director Sacha Jenkins, has finally hit theaters today. But if you’re in area that isn’t screening the film, you’ll be happy to know that it is now available online.

That’s right, the documentary that explores the symbiotic relationship between hip-hop music and fashion can be purchased for either $12.99 or rented for $6.99. All you have to do is click the trailer above. If that isn't enough to whet your appetite check out this exclusive interview with P. Diddy that didn't make the final cut: 

After you check out the film, be sure to revisit our recent post on the 10 things we learned from the documentary. Now you have an excuse to stay in tonight. You're welcome. 

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