FUCT Founder Erik Brunetti Discusses His Brand's Influence on Streetwear Culture

FUCT founder Erik Brunetti talks about the origins of his brand and the current state of streetwear.

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Los Angeles streetwear mainstay FUCT has been the label of choice for youth counter culture since 1990—influencing an entire generation of rebels with its provocative and controversial approach to accessible fashion.

During the recent FUCT art show and book-signing event at Slam Jam Milano, founder Erik Brunetti discussed the origins of his clothing brand and how it has been able to maintain relevance despite the over-crowded market of today. He explained that during the 1990s, the younger population was constantly striving for individuality, which was very much in line with FUCT’s unruly vibes. Over the past 20-plus years, that rebellious aesthetic has not been compromised, and has been the primary source of the company’s impressive longevity.

“FUCT was a brand that was completely different, going against the grain and still going against the grain of what everyone is doing,” Brunetti said. “I think that’s why we’re still relevant [...] while a lot of other brands have come and gone.”

Brunetti went on to explain that the current streetwear scene is much too saturated as younger designers have figured out how easy it is to make garments with graphics; however, he sees himself as a pioneer for the genre and hopes his brand can educate the new generation on how to maintain appeal without sacrificing artistic vision and originality.

Check out the full interview with Brunetti above, in which he also discusses his art and re-appropriation of iconic imagery. You can cop his merchandise at FUCT’s online store.

[via Slam Jam]

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