Artist Created a Series of Chairs Made From Supreme, ACNE, and COS Shopping Bags

Artist Simon Freund presents a new collection of chairs made from Supreme, ACNE, and COS shopping bags.

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German artist Simon Freund is known for taking everyday consumable goods and transforming them into neck-snapping designs.

His latest series is a range of minimalist chairs that are made from the shopping bags of your favorite stores, such as Supreme, ACNE, Wood Wood, and COS. Just like with his previous creations, Freund’s intentions were to fuse design and functionality in an effort to highlight the ideas of value and contemporary consumerism. It’s a pretty heavy concept that was expressed through a pretty simple design.

All he did was take a frame made from black powder-coated pipes and screwed the shopping bags to the back and seat of the chair. And the results were clean AF.

You can check out the Shopping Bag chairs in the images below. To see more of Freund’s pieces, hit up his website


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