Traveling By Rail


That's it, I've finally crossed over. Instead of just wearing baseball hats and buckets and the occasional knit hat, I'm gonna start wearing classy hats. Particularly, these Stóffa felt hats (available in both beaver and rabbit) because there's an accent mark in the brand name and also because they are fully packable. Personally, I'm gonna cop and then immediately buy a train ticket because I feel like fancy hats and traveling by rail go well together. Then, I'll tell everyone who makes fun of my hat about how it's not weird to wear a classy hat. After telling them to shut the fuck up, I'll remind them of the one time I went to Italy and dressed up all nice and how good the coffee and pasta was before realizing I just really wanted to live in Italy this entire time. But only during the off-season when it's not really hot and gross and crowded.

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