Japan's Coolest New Store Is In A Pool

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Hiroshi Fujiwara's new concept store, The Pool Aoyama, looks like, well, a pool. Personally, I'm not that into swimming clubs or pools or shit like that cause I'm not trying to float around in someone else's pee. YOU GUYS REALIZE THAT THE WHOLE "THEY HAVE  A CHEMICAL THAT TURNS BLUE IF YOU PEE IN THE POOL" IS A FUCKING MYTH, RIGHT? I remember one time I went to a really wealthy suburb's pool and everything was all fine and dandy until some kid shit in the pool. YEP, SOME RICH MOTHERFUCKER'S ASSHOLE KID LITERALLY SHIT IN YOUR POOL, GROSSE POINTE. Anyways, whatever you do, if you get the chance to visit Fujiwara's new Tokyo pool store, please don't defecate in it. Just by a tote bag like everyone else.

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