Jeremy Scott Talks Possible Kanye Collaboration, and Love For Rihanna and Katy Perry's Style

We spoke with the fashion designer about Mr. West and other celebrities that support his left-of-center designs.

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Every fashion designer can claim they're an outside-the-box thinker, but when it comes to designers who have a knack for cranking out pieces that no one else could pull off, Jeremy Scott is at the top of the food chain.

JS has been known to flip everything from hoodies and track pants, dresses to leather jackets in a way that most other designers wouldn't have the balls to even sketch up. Oh, and his winged-up and furry-styled adidas'? They're a Hypebeast (cough, cough, and Complex) reader's wet dream. He's been the go-to outfitter for celebrities like Kanye West (Mr. West name-dropped Jeremy in his "Good Friday" track) who enjoy standing out, so we hit Jeremy up to talk about a possible 'Ye x J collaboration, and to see what other celeb styles he co-signs. 

Read the short interview below, then check back with us on Wednesday as Jeremy will break down his inspiration behind some of his adidas collabs. 

Complex: What is it like to see celebrities like Lil' Wayne constantly rocking your gear?

Jeremy Scott: It's a great compliment to have people that you like appreciate and support yours. I love music and it's very much a part of my design so it's flattering!

Complex: Kanye West has always been a big supporter of both your adidas collaborations, and clothing pieces. Would you ever consider working with him?

Jeremy Scott: You would have to be crazy not to want to work with Kanye West! He's a creative genius! He is so inspiring! Sometimes we talk on the phone for hours and hours. I really have a lot of love and respect for Kanye, and yes we have spoke about working together, so who knows?!

Complex: What celebrities' fashion sense do you co-sign?

Jeremy Scott: Other than the two you mentioned here [Kanye and Lil Wayne], I think Rihanna has a great sense of style and I love Katy Perry and her humor. She really has created a new category of this sexy and humorous style which are two of the defining points of my own work. I think we have a lot more excitement to come from Nicki (Minaj) as she's always up for a strong look. That is—in my book—a winning attitude to have! 

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