Packing Is A Breeze With Suitsupply's Amazing Scooter-Suitcase Combo

Suitsupply combined a scooter and suitcase into the raddest carry-on luggage ever.

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Traveling is super fun. You know what else is super fun? Riding on a scooter. The underrated mode of transportation may play fourth or fifth banana behind other childhood rides like BMX bikes, skateboards, and Power Wheels, but man, if you were good at it, you could pull off amazing tricks like this:

Now Suitsupply, Amsterdam-based purveyor of reasonably-priced quality suits and tailored gear, has combined the simple joys of kicking past haters on a scooter with the practicality of carry-on luggage. If you've ever had to haul ass through the airport to make a connecting flight, or wanted to jet through customs, consider picking up Suitsupply's new Race Case.

Finished in Italian calf leather with nickel zippers, it looks luxe enough to pass muster at a "real" job or office setting. Inside, there's plenty of compartments to keep your stuff and a padded space to secure a 15" laptop. Oh right, and the extendable handle also has pebbled leather grips, so you can steer like a boss.

Speaking of steering, the Race Case is more of a trolley than a true scooter, so in order to maneuver around pedestrians or other traffic, you'll have to lean into the turn gradually. Sharp turns definitely aren't advised, unless you want to risk looking like this guy:

We got our hands on the Race Case and took it for a spin around Midtown NYC. Check out our hands-on experience and a breakdown of how it works.

Step 1: Pull the leather latch at the top to bring the rolling scooter wheels down.

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Step 2: Kick, push, your way to the office (or through the airport).

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Step 3: Prop the wheels back up and arrive in style.

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