Supreme Declares Their Support for Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton

New York City skate brand Supreme has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Supreme has publicly declared their support of Hillary Clinton.

The famed New York skate culture brand fully endorsed the Democratic presidential nominee by sharing a very clear message on their Instagram. "This might be the most important decision of your life, make it count. Go Vote Tuesday, November 8th." Supreme captioned the photo of skater Sage Elsesser holding up a sticker that reads, "I voted."

Just to drive their opinion home, Supreme went onto add the very popular election-related hashtags,  "#imwithher" and "#fucktrump."

Naturally, the endorsement got the Supreme followers sounding off in the comments with supporters of both candidates coming out swinging against the other.

This is a photo of Supreme.

Some commenters also looked down upon Supreme mixing their politics with their business. "Not gonna endorse anyone here since this shit is fucked and I might just go third party still, but you guys fucked up with this post lol. As a business you guys should just stay impartial and stay out of stuff like this...Second, Supreme is supposed to be the ultimate anti-establishment brand and you voted for literally the establishment. You guys are fucking blind and that scares me because she is an evil bitch. Trump isn't much better, but you can't vote for one and act like the other is so much worse."

Another user wrote, "lmao good job pissing off half the people that buy your overpriced shit." Other users said they're going to stop buying Supreme while some praised the brand for making their stance known.

Check out the long list of very split reactions above.

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