Has Pharrell's Style Gone Too Far?

We ask whether or not the style icon is still a style icon.

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Pharrell has been making the rounds promoting his new book, "Places & Spaces I've Been." The book is a worthy addition to any collection that's lacking in the "requires little reading but will impress a hot streetwear chick" category.

Throughout the press tour, we've been keeping an eye on Pharrell's gear because so many of his outfits are WAY OUT THERE. This phenomenon isn't unusual for Pharrell. At first glance, people often look sideways at his style. But it doesn't take long before those choices become trends that get mimicked by the masses. After all, the guy has had a stronghold on streetwear and style trends since he broke through in 2005. That was the year he founded Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream with Nigo (A Bathing Ape) and was also voted "Best Dressed Man of the Year" by Esquire.

Pharrell's influence on style is unparalleled. Whether it's weird (giant fur hat, snowboard boots, pounds of diamond chains) or elegant and refined (Ralph Lauren suits, bow ties, v-neck sweaters), few have been as forward-looking and creative with personal style. Even when he's had serious style hiccups, he's gotten a pass because he's the dude who sets the course. 

But recently, P's style choices have been head-scratchers. We've seen other trend-setting rappers try it out, but it's Pharrell who really wants this leggings-under-the-shorts thing to happen. He even switched it up a bit for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen by keeping one leg down and hiking the other up. This was underneath the BBC Bee Line varsity jacket with a herringbone torso and bright chrome sleeves. He's also been steadily rocking the plaid shirt around his waist, which we're not mad at, but it's been around his waist for the entire book tour, including visits with Jimmy Fallon, Andy Cohen, Colette, and MarcJacobs' bookstore BookMarc. In recent days, he's upped the ante, sporting drop-crotch denim jeans, and a bandanna tied around his arm.

Pushing the needle when it comes to style is nothing new, but isn't there such a thing as taking it too far? More directly stated: Has Pharrell taken it too far? And the follow up question is: Does it matter?

The quality in Pharrell that we've always admired, and one that most style icons share, is that he doesn't care if people fuck with him or not. Is it any coincidence that his latest business and creative partner is Mark McNairy, the Fuck Off king? Who knows if what Pharrell is doing at the moment will take off and be seen everywhere from Beijing to Boise. But are you willing to bet against his track record?

One thing is certain, the dude never stays still for long. If he's feeling something, he sticks by his guns. If not, he's on to the next. Confidence has always been his key to success. So the question right now is: Are you gonna rock this look?

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