We're all for a good trend. Hell, we even like the occasional bad one—it makes for good LOLs. Recently, we've noticed rappers get their 90s swag on and rock a shirt tired around the waist. Both Kid Cudi and Kanye West hit you with a whole lotta nostalgia when they were spotted wearing the trend earlier this year. It looks like the fad — big in the days when Saved By The Bell and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dominated the airwaves — has caught on once again.

Super producer Pharrell was in Miami at the Art Basel this month wearing a captain's hat, black leather biker jacket, denim shorts, his dope customized Timberlands, and of course, a plaid shirt wrapped around his waist. Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky sported a similar look during a recent photo shoot with photographer Terry Richardson. 

Then, over this past weekend, Wiz Khalifa performed onstage with Snoop Dogg for their "Mac & Devin" show in Atlanta with a shirt around his waist. Guess you can call it a comeback. Would you rock it? 

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