Cam'ron Talks New York Fashion Week, Dipset Gear, and Clothes With His Face on Them

The Harlem emcee has some sartorial tricks up his sleeve.

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Recently, Harlem native Cam'ron has enjoyed a bit of a return back to the days when his music and style paved the way for others to follow. When it came to his outfits, there was a time when no one did it like Killa, and it looks like we may be headed that way again. With so many items popping up that either reference his music and the culture that he and Dipset ruled over, and after making the rounds of New York Fashion Week, we chopped it up with Cam about everything style-related happening within the eternal Killa Season.

I just wanna know your thoughts on all these shirts coming out with your face on them and everything else. I mean, did you see the one with the pink Range Rover that just came out? 
I was just talking to someone about that about a hour ago. I think it's dope. I was just like, damn, I didn't know my lifestyle was so hot. 'Cause a lot of this stuff, the pictures that's out is pictures that's four or five years old but I think it's dope. What's going on with the pink Range?

Here I'll show you. It's a T-shirt with the Range on the pocket.
Yeah, I heard about that.
So you're wearing the Harlem World jersey. What else is coming from Dipset in terms of clothing?
Right now we're working with some stylists and putting it together. To be honest, in the last two or three months so many different clothing companies have came to me to do deals or capsule collections etc., etc., what have you. And right now I'm just weighing out the best options, or if I'm gonna do stuff on my own, so right now I'm just experimenting. I had the Cam'ron socks, the Diplomat socks, now i'm doing the jerseys. It's just a lot of companies at once but at the end of the year I'm gonna make my decision on what to do next year.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?
It varies, I don't have one personal sense of style. I wanna tell you but I'm so scared that if i tell you and it comes out, people are gonna run with it. But this winter, you'll see. I got something lined up, I got something really lined up. I'm not gonna say because it'll be out tomorrow before I got a chance to do it, but know what? We'll get your number you'll be first to know. We'll send you the picture once it's done. You'll see, it's changing the game with this one.
During New York Fashion Week, you were kind of everywhere. I was sitting across from you at the Mark McNairy show with Miss Info and JuJu, I saw you after the VFiles show, I mean you were all over the place. Is that your interest? Is that JuJu taking you around, or what's going on?
I mean, I did fashion week a lot, I just haven't gone in the last maybe three years. But I'm always a fan of fashion week in New York City. It's always dope to be at fashion week. This last one, pretty much Miss Info hit me up like, "Cam, you wanna come out?" I'm like, "Sure, I'm not doing anything." Then with VFiles I did a collaboration with the socks and we was talking about doing some more stuff so they invited me to their show also, I had some business with them.

I was just like, damn, I didn't know my lifestyle was so hot.

Did you see anything that inspired you? That you would wear?
Yeah, I seen a couple things. Definitely at VFiles. You know VFiles has a lot of stuff I really like so yeah I definitely seen some stuff. I got some stuff I'm not even gonna tell you because it will come out tomorrow before I get a chance to do it.

Can you just break down everything you're wearing right now?
Right now I have on a $450 Diplomats jersey, the Mr. fitted, pair of True Religion jeans, some Jordans, a Breitling flooded watch, and 100 carat chain on—100 carats of diamonds that is.

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