VFiles likes to provide a voice for the underdogs. For this years New York Fashion Week—and its first showing ever—it stuck with its guns and produced a fashion show for four unheard of designers.  Recruited via a crowdsourcing platform, the works of Gypsy SportAmmerman Schlösberg, Steven Tai and Sam Mc were shown successfully without a hitch and with a lot of excitement. The designs showcased are based of lookbooks, illustrations, and videos submitted to VFiles by the four up-and-comers. All of which will be available on the VFiles brick-and-mortar location and the VFiles website.

It’s nice to see someone give a helping hand to unknown designers trying to break into the biz. Times are rough, and not everyone has the kind of money in the bank to produce a show during New York Fashion Week. Without a platform like the one Vfiles just provided, we probably would have never heard of these designers ever. Hopefully Vfiles keeps this up because emerging talent is always refreshing to see.