Where were you when you first saw Cam’ron’s famous pink Range Rover? The car pretty much topped it all when it came to Killa’s obsession with the flashy color. Sadly, he recently sold the whip on eBay, but all is not lost. There’s still a chance you can sort of have the Laffy Taffy Range in your collection thanks to Akstar New York.

The NYC-based brand brought the cotton candy pink whip back to life as an embroidery detail on a T-shirt's chest pocket. The tees come in white and grey, and each one is numbered, hand tagged, and limited to 50 pieces in each color. And in a hidden but super dope detail, the lyrics “I'm a changed man/Look at the Range, ma’am” from "Hey Ma" are written inside the neck, just in case you forgot how this all started.

We are not mad at the plethora of Cam’ron related clothing that's hit the web in recent months. Killa Season is all-year round, and you can never have enough clothes featuring references to the Harlem rapper. Visit the Akstar New York website to purchase the tee for $40 while they last. It beats the $180,000 starting bid that the actual car was priced for on eBay. 

[via Akstar New York]

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