Miguel Talks Finding Inspiration For His Clothing Line on 'Vintage Shopping' With Jazzelle

In the latest episode of 'Vintage Shopping,' singer Miguel talks finding inspiration for his clothing line, punk culture, and more with Jazzelle.

Complex 'Vintage Shopping' With Miguel
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Complex 'Vintage Shopping' With Miguel

Jazzelle makes their way to San Pedro, California in the latest episode of Complex’s Vintage Shopping to chop it up with singer/songwriter Miguel. Growing up in the longshore town of San Pedro, Miguel is no stranger to their stop for the day, Beacon House. In this episode, Miguel is wearing a black T-shirt, pinstripe trousers with a necktie used as a belt, and accessorizes with a silver industrial chain around his neck.

His primary shopping goal is to find inspiration for his own label, S1C, saying, “I love to come back to my hometown, especially in the development of new ideas for S1C because it’s been important for me to use this as a vehicle to tell my story and like what inspires me. Where I come from in San Pedro happens to be a haven for punk music, especially in the 80s.”

The singer cites his experience growing up as a mixed-race kid of Mexican and Black heritage in San Pedro as what shaped his beliefs, which is also reflected in S1C. The balanced aspects of high and low shopping in a thrift store is the same balance that is represented in his brand, which he speaks passionately about throughout the episode. The two weren’t finding luck early on, but Miguel ended up walking out with a black DKNY Jeans pullover cardigan, a necktie covered in an images of a hunter with his dog, and an orange coffee mug stamped with a blue logo for a local electric company, Zee Electric. He also purchased a space helmet mug he says fits with the inspiration of his brand. He says, “S1C is all about inner rage from outer space.”

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