Meet "Gosha Kylie," Kylie Jenner's Streetwear Alter Ego

Is Kylie Jenner becoming a streetwear nerd?

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Have you guys met Gosha Kylie before? No? Let me introduce you to the youngest Kardashian who, as of late, has been rocking some of the biggest streetwear brands around.

A few days ago, Kylie Jenner was caught leaving her NYC hotel with Tyga (duh) wearing a Supreme box logo tee and a pair of "Gamma" Air Jordan XIs. Ian Connor also grammed Jenner in the same outfit.

Considering the Supreme tee comes from the Rizzoli x Supreme book tie-in release back in 2010 (which is "friends and family" levels of exclusive), she definitely has to be at least somewhat in the know about the "grail status" of this particular design. Right?

Then last night, post-Yeezy Season 2 appearance, Jenner dropped this Instagram simply titled "Gosha Kylie." Of course, for those still unfamiliar, Jenner's wearing the "All Over" T-shirt from Gosha Rubchinskiy's Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Her shirt says "sport" in both Cyrillic (Rubchinskiy is Russian after all) and Mandarin. This is also the same designer (and season) that A$AP Rocky wore during his performance at the VMAs this past August.

We see you, Kylie. 

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