Twitter Has No Chill When It Comes to Roasting the BET Awards Red Carpet

The BET Awards red carpet was ripe for shots on Twitter.

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Alphet fails are par for the course with every award show, but the annual BET Awards is always an extra special event for facepalms. The bricks are so phenomenal, the biggest of which are almost always at the hands of someone bordering on irrelevance, as if they were premeditated suicides just to get people talking. And, perhaps because it's always summer, the trash-fits are almost always white, too. Of course the comedians on Twitter know this too, and were waiting in the wings to descend upon the red carpet with ether. No one was safe, from the classic men to perennial target Lil Mama. Here are the best fashion jokes we spotted on the timeline.

Jidenna performing his hit single.
Why @IamDencia look like that one Yoruba woman at the function that tries so hard to be different
#BETAwards15 @IamDencia out here looking like trash
Interviewer: Dencia explain ur outfit Dencia: I went to buy teddy bears but they didn't have bag for me to pack it so
Lil mama stawp tryna hide them lil titties I like them lil titties they like some lil gummy bears🐻🍬😂 *plies voice*
Lil mama think she slick 😑
They on zendaya asss 😂😂😂😭
Zendaya.... You have failed me smh #BETAwards2015
Zendaya you're better than this
Zendaya wanna be Gina so bad #BETAwards


Dej Loaf on the #BETAwards red carpet. #EBTAwards



























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