Everyone Thinks Bobby V. Is Dressed Like a Power Ranger at the 2015 BET Awards

The Internet is going in on him.

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Bobby V., who's been up to who knows what, just walked the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards. And Twitter is right on cue. Bobby V showed up in a smedium all white 'fit that people are calling a skirt. He's even being compared to a Power Ranger. 

Bobby Valentino on the red carpet looking like a gold power ranger 😂💀 #BET pic.twitter.com/k4MZjz2uqd
Bobby Valentino at the BET Awards . Bobby Valentino after the BET Awards. pic.twitter.com/exuPMBJVuR
Bobby Valentino really at the BET Awards dressed like the white Power Ranger... pic.twitter.com/C4KieIS2yF
Bobby V out there like the white ranger #BETAwards pic.twitter.com/awnNKxFeu9

Twitter is having a field day. 

Bobby V exhale once for the next 6 hours and that whole shirt gonna disintegrate into dust. pic.twitter.com/vXaAuIB7je
Bobby V looking like he about to fight Thor pic.twitter.com/KJhWo4VOyO
Bruh you should've kept this outfit anonymous just like your career @BobbyV pic.twitter.com/BtCZv6vuoL
Bobby Valentino been irrelevant since Beep but still manages to get on the BET awards wearing a tight ass rent-a-tux 😣
What in powerpuff name of a mess did Bobby Valentino wear to BET awards 😂
they let bobby Valentino into the bet awards? nigga musta dressed as valet and snuck in
So Bobby Valentino just gone bust through the BET Awards in this high low skirt like this...Sir. pic.twitter.com/mSdXzVuQ4n
Whyyyyyy is Bobby Valentino still receiving invites to the BET Awards and why is he dressed like that?

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