Future Reveals He's Dropping a Hat Line

Future hints at a hat line dropping soon.

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As if you needed further evidence that 2015 is Future's year, he just dropped some news via his Instagram that's sure to make hypebeasts happy. First he capitalized on his deafening buzz with a surprise album, now apparently he's not blind to the fact that droves of dudes have been steadily co-opting his distinct cowboy hat game so he's coming with his own line soon. That's right, in addition to another project (which may or may not heavily involve Drake), Future Hendrix is officially incorporating the look into his personal brand and blessing the trap with his own line of Dirty Stetsons*. Hopefully they'll drop in time for fall so you can pair them with a fire topcoat. Either way, start conserving those commas.

* (Which should totally be the name if it isn't already, Future holla at me, I'm fair with percentages.)

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