All week, the Internet has been giddy about the potential of a Drake and Future collaborative mixtape, and while nothing has been confirmed, that hasn't slowed down the hype one bit. The rumors began on Monday morning when Angela Yee accidently let it slip that the two mega-stars were possibly working on something major together. She didn't spill the news completely, and Charlamagne Tha God was able to stop her mid-sentence, but it was already too much. Paired with the fact that Future just said at Made in America Festival that he has another album coming this year, the hype took off, and soon became a monster of its own.  

In the following days, Twitter and online forum (one time for KTT) have run with the possibility of a collaborative tape, while also trying to connect any dots between affiliated members of the crews to see if it's legit. Again, while nothing has been directly confirmed, there are some interesting things to note in regards to the tape. For one, OB Obrien posted—and quickly deleted— a fake, yet awesome cover for the potential project that originated on Twitter last night.

Not to mention Niko suspiciously retweeting Future's "FBG x OVO" tweet from June out of nowhere yesterday right as the hype for the tape hit critical mass. Angela Yee even double downed on her earlier slip-up, and sent out a mysterious emoji response when asked about the tape on Twitter. 

Aside from actual affiliated members of OVO and Freebandz, people with so-called sources on Twitter have tried to throw in their two cents about the possible collab, and even if their info isn't legit, it's still driving the hype up even more. If you just look at the situation directly, it makes sense that Drake and Future would collaborate on a project, though the timing would be admittedly strange. They've been in a literal bromance all year that's included a short joint tour, Drake was the only feature on DS2, and Future came out at OVO Fest in Toronto, and much more.

Future already has massive buzz right now with DS2 that could possibly be stunted by this potential project. If you think about it, Future hasn't even fully toured with this album yet—he risks messing with the momentum he's worked so hard to build. Though with the run he's currently on, that seems unlikely.

As for Drake, it's all about Views From the 6. Even before the entire Quentin Miller writing scandal surfaced, this was looked at as a vitally important album for his career and his legacy. He has to deliver a universally accepted classic album this round, and this is coming from an admitted Drake stan. Now with the ghostwriting allegations out there, every move he makes from here on out has to be thought out and executed in the right way or he risks losing ground on the good well he's accrued. Maybe the mixtape with Future is the way to go, maybe it isn't, but we'll probably find out soon enough.

The reasoning behind the tape could be anything. Maybe Drake and Future are bored and just want to flex on the rest of the rap game. Maybe a longer tour is on the way and they want to go the Watch the Throne route with it. Whether this actually happens will remain to be seen, but if it somehow does, watch out. The fallout will be pretty unreal and it will further prove that 2015 might be one of the greatest years in rap history.