Canada Goose Enlists Shai Gilgeous-Alexander And KidSuper For NBA All-Star Capsule

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is looking at his new role with Canada Goose as a chance to get more hands-on with style: "We also have some special things in the works that will showcase my vision in the fashion space."


Canada Goose is adding new collaborators to its NBA partnership.

On top of bringing on Brooklyn-based KidSuper for a new capsule, they've also tapped NBA All-Star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as a new global brand ambassador.

The new capsule pairs Canada Goose's classic, refined look with KidSuper's sense of playfulness. It takes the Canadian brand's most recognizable designs and infuses them with a whole lot of colour, mixed with original illustrations and mixed media visuals.

KidSuper founder Colm Dillane felt both his brand and Canada Goose were simpatico since they're both big on adventure and getting out in nature.

"People might not know this about me, but I love the outdoors!" Dillane says. "I actually went snowboarding recently with the legend, Shaun White, which was pretty awesome. It’s this passion that inspired me to want to create my own outerwear collection."

He adds that he's a longtime fan of the Canada Goose brand.

"I’m so proud of how this drop turned out—it’s colorful, creative, and community led, and I hope the next time I’m on the slopes, I see people wearing the collection, that would be awesome!

The collection drops on Feb 8 and consists of a Reversible Fleece Jacket, Reversible Puffer Vest, Crofton Puffer Jacket and the Jacquard Toque.

Complex Canada also had the chance to ask SGA—the OKC Thunder All-Star, GQ's Most Stylish Man of the Year, and Toronto native—about joining Canada Goose as a global brand ambassador, his Wayne Gretzky tunnel fit, and what Team Canada has planned for the upcoming Olympics.

How does it feel being a Canada Goose ambassador?
As a fellow Canadian, I could not be prouder to be a part of such an iconic luxury brand that has such a great reputation in Canada for not only superior craftsmanship and quality but stylish luxury and performance.

I think the evolution of the brand from parkas to full head-to-toe lifestyle brand is a true testament to their growth into what I would now consider to be one of the cornerstones of luxury fashion in the Canadian market—something I am looking forward to bringing to a global stage.

Will being a brand ambassador allow you to be more hands-on in the fashion space? Do you want to be more hands-on?
As the newest global brand ambassador, I’m looking forward to working together with Canada Goose to showcase some of their newest collections and product innovations. We also have some specials things in the works that will showcase my vision in the fashion space.

What does the Canada Goose brand mean to you as a Canadian?
As a Canadian, this is a really cool opportunity for me. With a reputation for quality, style and countless unique collaborations with so many emerging designers, it was an easy decision. I also love how much of a focus the brand puts on community building. Playing a professional team sport that connects communities across the world, you really get to see how the sport unites fans and creates these communities and I love that Canada Goose helps to support and create community among their brand fans.

How do you feel about the KidSuper collab? Were you hands-on with it? Are you a fan of KidSuper?
I’m a big fan of the KidSuper collaboration. My style is a blend of streetwear and high fashion, so this was a perfect fit for me. My favorite piece from the capsule is definitely the reversible fleece jacket because of its texture and the different shades of green. I’m happy to be part of the ‘Play in the Open’ campaign, and I’m looking forward to everyone seeing the video.

OKC is a little warmer than Toronto, do you get a lot of opportunities to wear Canada Goose jackets or vests during the season?
There’s definitely a difference between the weather in OKC and Toronto. Luckily, the team is always travelling for games which lets me break out my Canada Goose pieces more often. And of course, when I visit home, I am never without my Canada Goose outerwear.

You got a lot of love in Canada for wearing the 99 Gretzky Canada jersey. Even though it's a different sport, does Wayne's career provide any inspiration?
I’m always trying to show love to my home country and fashion is one way I express that love.  There are so many athletes that came before me who laid the foundation for me to excel on a national level. I’m always finding ways to pay tribute to those individuals. That was also the day I was named “Canada’s Northern Star Athlete of the Year” so I felt like it was fitting for the occasion.

The OKC exhibition game in Montreal was a big deal for that market and gave the feeling that OKC might be Montreal's team. Do you think OKC playing exhibition games in Montreal should become an annual thing?
More games in Canada only means the growing interest in the sport within the country. It was cool to watch my teammate Lu Dort, who is a Montreal native, play in his city.

Are you in touch with the other members of the Canadian basketball team during the season? Are you guys talking about the upcoming Olympics?
Yes, we can keep in touch. Looking forward to representing Canada in the Olympics this summer.

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