Is Pharrell Rocking A New Timberland x Chanel Collaboration?

We wouldn't be surprised if the stylish producer was.

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Yesterday, Pharrell was caught out in MIA with his crew looking fresh as usual. He was rocking a white V-neck, light denim jeans, and an unusually cool pair of boots that we NEED to know about. He also tweeted a photo of the same boots last week.

Pharrell's black Timberland boots feature the Chanel logo on the right boot and an outline of a foot on the left. This could be a rare and exclusive collaboration between the two brands, or it could be a one of one custom design by an artist. Either way, we're sure Pharrell is the only one with these sick boots at the moment. We'll keep an eye out for more info.

[photos via twitter and YBF]

UPDATE: Pharrell tweeted back at us. Looks like he customized the boots himself. Our advice? Take a pair of black timbs and go HAM with some white out.

Nah...just me on my grunge $#!+ @ComplexMag @pharrell @timberland

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