Pharrell Really Wore a 3M adidas Shorts Suit at the Grammys

The Internet hasn't stopped talking about Pharrell's red carpet look.

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Yes, Pharrell really wore a short suit on the red carpet at tonight's Grammys. But it wasn't any old short suit—it was 3M and adidas. FYI: His wife rocked an adidas onesie, because the couple that matches (and glows together) stays together. 


It's no surprise that Pharrell opted for shorts instead of pants. He wore a camo Mark McNairy shorts suit in Miami and a black version to the 2014 Oscars. It's also not a shock that it's adidas given his recent collaboration with the brand. 

The Internet has been talking about his outfit all night. 

Actor Neil Patrick Harris also added his two cents, making a good point, by the way.

adidas is already owning the Grammys. 


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