Here's Everything You Can Expect at Kanye West's Pablo Pop-Up Store in NYC

We have details about what items are available, prices, and more.

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Yesterday afternoon, Kanye West announced a Pablo pop-up store in New York City. The store, located on 83 Wooster St., opened today. Ahead of the opening, we went down to check out the scene. 

People, including parents who told me were in line for their kids, started lining up hours before the opening (the earliest was noon yesterday). The line covered both sides of the street and expanded from Spring Street to Broome Street in SoHo. "It hasn't been that bad, but some of these guys have been here since yesterday," said one of the security guards manning the door. "They're a little tired and cranky. But we'll try to get them all in." Some people even ordered Dominos in line. The Dominos delivery guy told me that he'd been back at least five times. "We'd get a call and then I'd be here in 10 minutes and then guys would try to order while I'm here," he said. "See, that guy's calling me over right now." 

Dominos delivery guy has been here 5 times, bringing pizza to people

Inside the pop-up store were the same merch sold at Kanye's Madison Square Garden extravaganza—hoodies, long sleeve shirts, T-shirts, hats, and beanies with the same The Life of Pablo-inspired graphics. But there were also new items, including the airbrush T-shirt with Donda West's face on the front and Robert Kardashian's on the back that Kanye wore after his MSG show, a bomber jacket with "PABLO" on the back, and a coaches jacket. The denim jacket printed with the same signatures on Kanye's notepad that's been teased by Kanye's team, and was confirmed to Complex by a source that would eventually be released, was also available at the pop-up shop. The denim jacket was inspired by a homeless teenage punk who was photographed in Jim Goldberg's book Raised by Wolves

The prices for the items are as follows:

T-shirt — $45
Hoodie — $95
Bomber jacket — $350
Beanie — $35
Denim jacket — $400
Hat — $40
Kids Ultra Light Beams long sleeve shirt (red) — $40
Ultra Light Beams long sleeve shirt — $65
Kids hoodie — $50
Coaches jacket — $110
Season 1 and 2 zine — $200

Customers are limited to two items per style. 

Kanye's interest in fashion is not a secret at this point, and he's approached his tour merch with the same eye and effort. When asked why they were willing to wait in line for hours, his fans pointed to the quality and designs of the merch. "It's more than tour merch," said one fan. "I like the font—the calligraphy. It's different because to me it's his take on fashion."

Luka Sabbat, who was at the pop-up opening, agrees. "It's tour merch but it's more than tour merch," he told Complex. "It's a movement. The album is so good. The merch is so good. You're buying into an experience."

Fans were, without a doubt, there for Kanye. "Is Kanye inside?" one screamed. "Is he coming?" another asked. 

"It doesn't matter if it's for a tour," said one fan, who's been in line for three hours. "As long as it's by Kanye and Kanye's name is on it, people are gonna want it and wait out here."

The pop-up store is open all weekend. 

Pablo Pop-Up Store
83 Wooster St. 
NY, NY 10012
Saturday to Sunday, noon to 8 p.m.


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