Kanye West Valentine's Day Cards to Keep Your Love Locked Down

Let Yeezy tell that special someone how you really feel.

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Once again, you've waited until the absolute last minute to try and figure out what to get bae for Valentine's Day. You promised you'd be different this year and actually plan a thoughtful, romantic evening. Instead, you're going to be the chump who shows up empty-handed with nothing but a card to offer. This year, at least come through with a card that will bring a smile to her face from the man who doesn't even smile.

Whether you're trying to tell your crush how you really feel, or want something very special for your number one KTT member, let Kanye West deliver your message for you. Whatever your intentions are, and since you're saving money for the Yeezy Boosts, make sure you click on the printable version so you can print out the illustration and fold it in half for a card that surpasses the chocolates you picked up at a bodega.

Illustrations by Oli Holmes



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