Bobby Hundreds Announces at ComplexCon He's Releasing a Streetwear Documentary 'Built to Fail'

During a panel at ComplexCon, Bobby Hundreds revealed he's dropping a streetwear documentary soon.

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This afternoon, Bobby Hundreds revealed he's releasing a documentary about streetwear and premiered a clip at ComplexCon. The film, called Built to Fail, was a project Bobby had been working on for five years. Trust us, you'll want to watch this. Included in the doc are interviews with the founders of your favorite streetwear brands, as well as Tommy Hilfiger and Russell Simmons. Perhaps one of the highlights was Married To the Mob founder Leah McSweeney explaining that female streetwear fans will never line up for drops like guys because girls aren't "fucking lame." 

As of right now, there's no release date yet. But who else but Bobby to tell this story? Keep an eye out for more details. 

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