Is This Man Fresh? Polo and White-Washed Jeans Outfit in Viral TikTok Sparks Debate

The internet is breaking down a man’s outfit while he was out buying Whataburger.

.@ComplexStyle is he fresh?

— Complex (@Complex) March 21, 2024
Twitter: @Complex

Summer is fast approaching—and the internet’s latest debate is whether or not one man is wearing the season’s hottest look.

The video shows a man wearing a light blue and white striped Ralph Lauren polo, blue jeans, and light blue New Balances. He’s at Whataburger when he’s stopped and filmed, presumably for his outfit.

“I ain’t fresh?” he asks, as a defeated expression comes across his face. “You not fresh, no,” someone off camera responds. “Sometimes, you just gotta take your L, bro,” the person adds.

It seems like the people recording him were just messing with him though. In a follow-up video, the woman holding the phone says, “Nah, I’m recording ‘cause you fresh, bro.” He then proceeds to flirt with the woman and offers to buy her food. He also tells her, “You clean, though,” to which she says, “Every time.”

Pt. 2

— Champagne Sloshy (@JoshyBeSloshy) March 20, 2024
Twitter: @JoshyBeSloshy

Tiktok user @anamolykb broke down the cost of his look, ultimately deciding that—between his hair, clothes, and shoes—he spent anywhere from $290-300 on the outfit.

Fit cost breakdown

— Champagne Sloshy (@JoshyBeSloshy) March 21, 2024
Twitter: @JoshyBeSloshy

There indeed appears to be a consensus that the man had that shit on. X user @Tash__P tweeted, “How I’m pulling up this summer,” alongside pics of the man’s clothing items.

How I’m pulling up this summer

— T A S H (@TASH__P) March 21, 2024
Twitter: @TASH__P

@Tash__P also reminded his followers that Jay-Z “pulled” Beyoncé in a very similar ensemble.

This the fit that pulled Beyoncé , remember that

— T A S H (@TASH__P) March 22, 2024
Twitter: @TASH__P

Still, it could be a decent Halloween costume.

People have to dress as Unc for Halloween this year its official 😂 bookmark this & remember to post fits in october

— Champagne Sloshy (@JoshyBeSloshy) March 21, 2024
Twitter: @JoshyBeSloshy

You too can recreate this look. The New Balance 574s in Blue Laguna and Sea Salt retail for $89.99 on the brand's website, and a similar colorway (with more size options) retails for $155 on FarFetch. You can find a few variations of a blue-striped Ralph Lauren polo on the brand’s website, starting at $59.99, and you can throw on any pair of your favorite light-washed jeans to complete the fit.

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