Kanye West Reveals New Yeezy Supply Site

In addition to the news of Yeezy's new venture with Gap, Kanye West will also be unveiling the latest version of the Yeezy Supply web store.


Kanye West is having a busy week. In addition to his new Yeezy Gap partnership, he is also gearing up to roll out the latest version of Yeezy Supply with a website that allows the user to view shoes, clothes, and accessories in a new way.

With the new site, you’ll be able to select an outfit and then choose a 3D model—with a selection of models with different body types available—who will pose in the pieces, Fast Company reports. The store will supply background information about the models, like their favorite food or compelling life experience, with the site’s “overall aesthetic” to be “as if a video game were set in a medical supply store,” the publication writes.

West has selected models who are pillars of the communities, with some being nurses, firefighters, and public school teachers. Customers can also explore parts of their personal stories.

“We were trying to make the internet a more humane place,” fashion photographer and filmmaker Nick Knight, Kanye’s creative partner on designing the website, told Fast Company. “We’ve gotten used to the internet being a flat, two-dimensional place. But the internet is also this amazing tool that connects everybody in the world: What if we could use it to get to know the people we are looking at on the screen?”

Knight and Kanye have released a film that discusses how the pair created the new site, which was a three-year-long process. “Humans have created art in every medium we have encountered, but we have yet to see an art form emerge from the internet,” Knight told the publication. “Why shouldn’t the great art of the internet emerge from an e-commerce website?”

Watch the documentary above.

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