Actress Zendaya Coleman Responds to Comments About Her Hair Looking Like It Smelled of Weed at the Oscars

Giuliana Rancic says Zendaya Coleman's hair at the Oscars looked like it smelled of weed.

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During E!'s Fashion Police Oscars special Monday night, co-host Giuliana Rancic made a wildly offensive comment about actress Zendaya Coleman’s hair. Apparently, Giuliana thought the 18-year-old’s decision to rock locs on the red carpet made her look like she smelled of patchouli oil and weed. No, really. She actually said that.

Of course, it wasn't long before people took to social media to call out the ignorant commentary. Even Zendaya, who says she typical ignores negative remarks, thought Giuliana’s words so distasteful that she felt obligated to post a letter defending her locs and pointing out the blatant racism within the co-host’s “joke.”

Take a look below to see the clip of Giuliana making those remarks, as well as the justifiably pissed-off Twitter responses. You can also read the letter Zendaya posted Monday evening, in which she drops some much-needed education on Giuliana.




Can't believe that was said about Zendaya's hair. I thought it was beautiful when I saw her, &not once did I think of "patchouli oil & weed"

— Sony (@DemiRevived) February 24, 2015


PAUSE . I need white ppl to not talk about Black hair that they obviously don't understand . @Zendaya is flawless . Chill #FashionPolice

— Λ L Ξ Χ J 0 R D Λ N (@ItsAlexJordan2) February 24, 2015


what I don't understand is that Kylie jenners locs were considered stylish and edgy but when zendaya does it she smells like weed how rude

— jewels (@6unkook) February 24, 2015

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