Here's a Look at Golf Wang's Fall/Winter 2022 Collection

The forthcoming collection includes everything from coaches jackets and puffer coats to fleece sweatshirts and graphic knits to T-shirts and cargo pants.

Golf Wang is gearing up for the cold-weather months.

The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand—founded by Tyler, the Creator—took to social media on Wednesday to unveil its fall/winter 2022 collection. The range continues Golf Wang’s bold and eclectic take on classic streetwear, offering everything from graphic tees and all-over print fleece to graphic knitwear and plaid button-ups to short-sleeve jerseys and cargo pants. As with its previous drops, Golf Wang placed an emphasis on cut and sew products that feature innovative fabrics, applications, and finishes. Standout items include a faux-fur zip-up jacket; workwear-inspired vests; and a custom Golf Leather Racing capsule, which consists of leather jackets, pants, and gloves.

The pieces will be available at 2 p.m. ET Saturday at Golf Wang stores, and at the brand’s official website an hour later. The range comes more than a month after the label came through with its Oxcart Assembly collaborative collection.

You can check out the Golf Wang fall/winter 2022 collection in the lookbook images above and product shots below.

Tyler spoke about Golf Wang during an interview with Complex back in July. The multi-hyphenate touched on the brand’s past collaborations, the way it differs from Golf Le Fleur, and its focus on bold, colorful designs.

“I just think color and saturation, and the harmonies of when you can put them together and it actually works is just super ill,” he explained. “Again, I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know much about color theory. I never went to school for it. So I don’t know the rules. I just know what I think looks good and what I don’t like. For example, I hate red, brown, and purple together so fucking much. It’s the worst color combo of all time. But the only time I seen it work was Dru Hill’s first album. If you look at Dru Hill’s first album, it’s the only time purple, red, and brown worked to me. Aside from that, it’s fucking disgusting dude.”

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