Meet Peejet, the Photoshop Friend of Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Kobe Bryant

The graphic designer is blowing up thanks to an Instagram full of celebrity "friends."

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The trend of Photoshopping oneself into images with celebrities is far from gone, and there are some doing it so hilariously well that their work goes viral. Last August, Everett Hiller blew up for photos where he was convincingly partying with Snoop Dogg, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Barack Obama. On the less upbeat side of the spectrum, Shirley Hornstein was ousted by Techcrunch for Photoshopping herself into pictures with influential tech figures and celebrities in order to move up in Silicon Valley. Her web of lies got her fired from her job and publicly shamed online.

Not everyone's trying to lie about their made-up celeb associations, though. The latest (and possibly greatest) addition to the "Photoshopping oneself with celebrities" meme is the work of Patrick Thorendahl, who goes by Peejet. He's posted 100 Photoshopped Instagram photos so far, where he's everywhere from our Rihanna cover to helping Drake weight-lift at the gym, on bikes with Trinidad James, and on a boat with Beyonce. Dude gets to live his dreams over and over thanks to his photo manipulation skills, and he's even shameless enough to add Jay-Z and Kanye West into his pics with their girls.

Patrick has over 54,000 followers on Instagram so far. If this doesn't get him more graphic design work, it's at least getting him very, very popular for being a leader in this growing meme. Follow him on Instagram @Peejet for more.

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