James Jebbia Reveals Why He Hates Resellers in This Rare 2002 Interview

James Jebbia details his opinion on resellers in the early stages of Supreme.

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With the help of GwarizmHighsnobiety just unearthed an old interview from 2002 with James Jebbia conducted by long-gone streetwear blog Rift Trooper. 

In the interview, Jebbia touches on his love for boxing, Supreme's short-lived original sneakers, and his feelings on the resale market. In 2002, the online reseller market was only its infancy, but Jebbia still had an opinion, saying, "I don't like it very much simply because we try our best to make our clothing affordable for young people, after all Supreme is a skate brand and when I do see our things on eBay the prices are normally at least double what they should be. I much prefer if someone buys something from us that they plan on wearing it and not selling."

Jebbia also briefly discussed the original sneaker silhouettes Supreme released in the 2000s. Back then, the brand put out the Down Low and Mid Town, which closely resembled the Air Force 1 Low and Mid. Jebbia said the designs came about "just through us trying to come up with a simple sneaker that represents our look." 

Head over to Highsnobiety now to read the rest of the interview. 

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