Migos Talks Versace and What Makes a Good Chain

Migos discuss their personal style and love for Versace in an interview with "Paper."

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You already know that Migos members Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset love Versace, thanks to their hit song of the same name, but Paper spoke with the group to pick their brains on all things fashion-related. During the interview, Migos discussed their personal style, their love for Versace and designer clothing, and what makes a good chain.

When asked to define their style, Quavo says, "Our fashion style is very legendary and very classic. I feel like it's different, and I feel like everybody got our own different style to bring to the table. When we all come together as one, it just make it look so unique and different, and it's something we all doing: trendsetting." Takeoff compares each members' unique style to "the Transformers -- we come together from different scenes."

Offset says their obsession with Versace began when they saw Biggie and Tupac wearing the label. Now, fellow member Quavo says he "can't even see without my vintage Versace frames." Quavo adds: "I don't go nowhere without them on. I can't even live without them. Every time I throw them on, I see all the haters, and I see where the money at." 

Takeoff adds that they prefer Versace over other designer labels because "when you put it on, you just feel different." However, he later adds that all their closets are "flooded" with "Givenchy, all designer brands."

Migos is also known for rocking chains and they dish on what makes a good one. Takeoff explains that the Migos chain "got a lot of creativity in it." He also says that Quavo was responsible for coming up with the design—drawing the design on paper—before they approached a jeweler to make the chain. 

You can read the whole interview over on Paper.

[via Paper]

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