Migos just premiered the video for "Versace"—and it's glorious.

Let us count the ways in which this is superior to your or my entire existence. 1. There is a giant game of chess (yes, like in the first Harry Potter) going on between two Versaced-out females, one of which is definitely not Iggy Azalea. 2. In the middle of the video, a throng of white-clad white girls storm the Migos' porch for about 60 seconds of "Hannah Montana." 3. "Cheetah print on my sleeve/but I ain't never been in the jungle." (There's a cheetah involved). 4. Versace. 5. Versace, Versace. 6. That may actually be Donatella Versace herself, lounging on a couch at about 3:23.

Despite rumors that Drake would appear in this video, he is nowhere to be found, and his remix verse is not heard. His presence is definitely felt, though. Maybe all the girls in the video showed up because they thought Drake was coming. Absorb everything above, and remember to watch Kanye do a few seconds of a cappella "Versace" in the Zane Lowe interview.

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