Interview: Pusha T Talks Play Cloths, Rappers Wearing Their Own Brands, and Begging His Parents for an adidas Tracksuit

Pusha T's Play Cloths line is inspired by his childhood in Virginia.

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We recently linked up with Pusha T at the New York Fashion Week party celebrating the newest installment of his Play Cloths line. The first delivery of the Spring 2015 drop draws on nostalgic elements from Pusha's upbringing in Virginia, like getting fresh and hitting the local arcade with Pharrell and his brother No Malice

During our discussion, Pusha took a trip down memory lane and recounted what it was like to get his school cloths dirty, and how that became the inspiration for the brand's name. He named Pharrell as his biggest fashion inspiration, calling his style "effortless," and also proclaimed A Bathing Ape creator Nigo, as "the GOAT of all streetwear life."

We asked Pusha, who's been seen in everything from Balmain to his new adidas EQT Running Guidance '93 kicks, about rappers not sporting the brands they own or endorse (he appeared in a Play Cloths lookbook for the first time ever in December 2014). He explains that even though he himself is a rapper, he wanted to keep his brand and music separate. 

Check out the interview above, and you can check out Play Cloths newest gear here.

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