For the first time ever, Pusha T models for his brand Play Cloths in its latest Holiday 2014 lookbook. Pusha T told us in an exclusive interview that not modeling for his brand until this point was a conscious decision to make the brand about the clothes instead of his fame. 

The newest collection, dubbed Curse Your Luxury, is a slight departure from Play Cloths' previous more colorful drops. The line is made up of short and long sleeve T-shirts, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, fitted sweatpants, baseball, and European football jerseys that come almost entirely in a clean mix of black and white. The pieces feature a variety of graphics, from a quilted pattern to a juxtaposed flock of doves and skull print, that represent an aesthetic the brand calls “international dope boy fresh.”

Shop the Curse Your Luxury collection on Play Cloths' website now.