Kai Cenat Gets Kicked Out of Chrome Hearts Store During Livestream

The Twitch superstar seemingly didn't ask for permission before walking into the store with a camera.

Prince Williams via Getty Images

Twitch superstar Kai Cenat attempted to livestream from inside a Chrome Hearts store without asking permission and it didn't go too well.

The streamer, who confirmed a partnership with Nike earlier this month, recently broadcast a shopping trip to his viewers but there was one store he was almost immediately turned away from. After addressing his viewers by talking into the camera, a member of staff inside the Chrome Hearts store approached him and told him to cut it out.

"No recording," the employee said, which Cenat briefly ignored before he repeated himself. Cenat asked, "No recording?" and the staff member confirmed, "Not in here, bud. Sorry. You just can't record here, this is straight from the boss." Cenat, looking defeated and somewhat annoyed, said, "alright" and walked out of the store with his camera guy.

Additionally, someone who is part of Cenat's stream team implied that Chrome Hearts could "get more exposure" by allowing him to shop there, which is a funny thing to suggest.

Kai Cenat gets kicked out of the Chrome Hearts store pic.twitter.com/Le5V1zh3mu

— Ovrnundr (@Ovrnundr) February 11, 2024
Twitter: @Ovrnundr

Earlier this month, Cenat courted controversy after he animatedly reacted to Travis Scott's Utopia losing the Best Rap Album Grammy to Killer Mike's Michael. The streamer offered congratulations to the Southern rap legend but also said he doesn't know who he is at all. The rapper responded with kindness, by imploring Cenat to listen to his album and even offered to show up on his stream one day.

Last week, Cenat revealed that he inked a partnership with Nike. "I would like to announce that we are officially a part of the Nike family," Cenat said. "This has been a long time waiting." The details of the partnership have yet to be revealed, but he did tease that he has "something big" planned with the brand for an upcoming stream in Las Vegas.

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