Fivio Foreign Shows Off 'Stop Talking Behind My Back' Tattoo

The Brooklyn rapper isn't happy about people talking behind his back.

Aaron J. Thornton via Getty Images

Not long after the release of his collaboration with GloRilla last month, Fivio Foreign has debuted a very literal back tattoo.

In a post initially shared on his Instagram Stories, he showed off his new ink, which reads, "Stop talking behind my back." The tattoo takes up most of the upper half of his back. "Yeah, I heard y'all n***as talking behind my back, n***a," he said while showing it off. "I hear y'all n***as."

Fivio Foreign shows off his new back tattoo

— My Mixtapez (@mymixtapez) October 13, 2023
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After the video started to circulate on social media, Fivio shared another post laughing off some of the comments. "I'd be so irked if my n***a came back with this sassy ass shit," reads one of the comments on The Shade Room post he shared. "This the type of shit you see on a bumper sticker," added another.

"Alright let me break it down like this," he said in a video. "When people get tattoos, you get tattoos for yourself not for nobody else to like your tattoos. The tattoo is for me, the tattoo is for my body, I like the tattoo, I appreciate the tattoo, I love the tattoo. You understand? Don't talk behind my back. ... Shirt off or not, you gonna know it's there. ... And the people whose talking behind my back gonna feel it the most. So, I advise y'all n***as to start getting them type of tattoos. ... I just do shit that n***as never seen before."

His new piece arrives not long after his new single "Why Would I?" and the Nas-sampling collaboration with GloRilla, "Cha Cha Cha." The latter samples Nas' 2000 track "Oochie Wally" and appeared on Yo Gotti and his CMG label's new compilation, Gangsta Art 2.

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