Learn More About the Supreme x UNDERCOVER Collection From Designer Jun Takahashi

The Japanese designer talks about working with James Jebbia of Supreme and his favorite pieces from the collection.

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The Spring/Summer 2015 collection from Supreme and Japanese label UNDERCOVER drops today (see it all here) which means a lot of refreshing and eventual heartbreak for a lot of people. The collection is being called one of Supreme's biggest to-date, and it is also significant because it is a part of UNDERCOVER's 25th anniversary celebration. To find out more about the collaboration, Honeyee spoke with designer Jun Takahashi about decision to work with Supreme, what it was like working with James Jebbia, and the pieces that are his personal favorites.

"Since this year is UNDERCOVER’s 25th anniversary I wanted to do something exciting for this milestone and suggested some ideas to Supreme," said Takahashi. "James Jebbia’s first reaction was really enthusiastic, so it made me confident that this project was going to go well."

The designer said that UNDERCOVER and Supreme were born around the same time and that he feels a connection with the brand and is actually a fan. "There aren’t too many brands within streetwear, that are both high quality and true to its brand image. That’s what I like about Supreme. This is one of the brands that I’ve liked wearing for a long time...I think people tend to think that Supreme comes from a major hiphop background, but they also have rock and art inspirations. It’s actually quite similar to UNDERCOVER’s backbone for inspiration."

Takahashi also spoke a little about working directly with Jebbia on the collection. "They wanted to see as much graphics as possible from me. So we picked some out from our archives, and also created some new ones for them. Basically the way it worked was that Supreme made the base design, and we would give some suggestions and additional arrangements on what they had. But we also gave them some of our requests too, for example our desire to do leather jackets and a trench coat. As for the graphics, “ANARCHY IS THE KEY” is what we have supported since the beginning of UNDERCOVER, and is one of my most meaningful graphics to date."

"At some points you want to force your idea," he added about the process of collaborating, "but at other points you let your counterpart lead the way. The balance of how to push/pull yourself was tough, but it turned out we did a good job respecting each other."

When asked about the pieces that he would wear from the collaboration, Takahashi said that he would love to try all of the pieces on, but the bondage pants are his favorite. "I think it’s different from the original punk style that Hiroshi and I would think of, but works well as a part of the collection. It’s fresh."

Check out the full translation of the interview over at Hypebeast.

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